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    Ian Fright II
    Ian Fright II

    Preferably Honda, but from your experience which cars would be good to turn into endurance race cars. I have experience with BMW e36 325i and 328i in Champcar, American Endurance Racing, and World Racing League. But, I was looking into using a Honda as the base. Recreating the old British Touring Car Championship Accords or something from the 1990s. Maybe an Acura J series engine for more bottom end. Which old Hondas have good suspensions for racing. Which would be easy to modify and reliable. Questions of that nature.

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    Honestly I have no idea. My experience is mostly in repair. Only recently have I gotten into building vehicles. I’ve never done anything specific for racing. My lack of experience wouldn’t make for a good video I’m afraid. I do know that the J series is used quite a bit on sand rails.

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