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Honda Jazz/Fit cold start hick-up/hesitation

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    Esakki V
    Esakki V

    Greetings everyone, I am new here and I need help diagnosing an issue with my Honda during cranking

    Model: Jazz (Fit)
    Year: 2017
    Type: GK7 – Indian version.
    Mileage: 7000 km
    Engine: L12B4 1.2 l

    The issue is – the car hesitates a little during cranking on cold starts. (By cold start, I mean the ECT and ambient temperature are close to each other, the weather is tropical over here and temperature rarely go below 15 deg c). The tachometer pauses for a bit while crossing 700 rpm mark. Sometime it is just like a fraction of a second and sometimes it is very prominent.

    Check out the video here:

    But here is the catch, this does not occur on every cold start, I could not figure out what makes it do this and cannot say for certain when it would occur again (it did this on 62 of 113 cold starts in the past year). Cranking speed is normal and have had the battery checked to be ok too.

    Things I have observed so far
    – The time for which this pause occurs varies with every other cold start
    – The hesitation does not depend on how far the car was driven in the previous drive cycle, happens on the next cold start after both a 1 mile trip and a 100 mile trip.
    – The hesitation does not happen when the car is started after it had been parked for over 3 or 4 days in a row
    – The subsequent starts are all good as long as the engine is warm.

    Things I have tried to do differently
    – I have let the key stay in “On” position until the fuel pump prime completes and shuts off and then cranked it – it still happens
    – I have tried cranking immediately after turning to “on” position – it still happens

    I have been observing this for over a year but couldn’t figure it out. There has been no DTC. Even though this is nothing major it has been a nuisance.
    Sorry for a long post and thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Michael Sackstein
    Michael Sackstein

    You probably need to clean out the throttle body and the map sensor on that car. A lot of times they just get dirty overtime and there’s a special cleaner you can buy and then once you take it all apart you basically just spray it in there liberally and you don’t wanna touch the map sensor itself but you can wipe down the inside of the throttle body with a rag once you spray it in there. You also wanna disconnect the negative battery cable for like 5 minutes to reset everything. That should fix the problem.

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