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    Kellan TyreeKellan Tyree

      Curious what Honda’s Eric does like besides his integra, prelude and others mentioned, been driving accords since I got my license (28y/o now) and currently have an 04 accord. I’m looking to gift my accord to mom and thinking Practical about my next Honda. I Really like the 1st generation Fit. Curious what others like/dis-like. I live in the rust belt so looks are not of great concern and these days I’m looking for easy to work on and reliable into high mileage.

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      Dave MinigerDave

        I have to disagree with Eric on just one that was on his “like list”. That is the Del Sol. As a retired parts manager/warranty administrator working for a Honda dealer since 1974, I’ve lived through the civic and accord fender recall, the suspension rust recall and a host of others.
        Don’t get me wrong the Del Sol was pretty neat but, we coined them the “Del Soak” and “Del Sieve” due to water leak issues with the T-Tops! AHM had probably 4 different TSB’s on repairs for the water leaks. Correct me if I’m wrong but, I don’t recall another attempt at a T-Top by Honda after that car. After driving a 97’NSX, what impressed me the most was excellent brakes. I do wish I would have bought one used when they were cheap!

        EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

          I never said I liked the Del Sol so much as I was disappointed that they discontinued that along with many other performance models for one performance model, the S2000 which I didn’t care for much. I’m aware the Del Sol wasn’t Hondas best offering and was noisy and often leaked because of body flex and the roof design. BTW, some NSX’s also used a similar roof design.

          Dave MinigerDave

            Honda sometimes missed the mark on intended market also. The Element (I had a 2003 and now own a 2009 with only 65k on it), was targeted towards surfers and sailboarder types, hence the rear sunroof to allow changing while standing. The buyers ended up being mostly middle aged sierra club types lol. I love mine for its utilitarian design (just make sure the muzzle brake of your woodchuck gun is out of the rear cargo area when lying in the back). It could use more power as passing on a two lane is an exercise in timing!
            Another cool little car was the CRX-SI especially the 88-91 models. Yet another car that because it was a 2 seater, most young people couldn’t afford the insurance because most carriers classified all of them as “sports cars”.

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