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      Hi I bought a Hyundai Elantra. 2023. When I purchased this car it was from Hyundai of Gastonia NC. This is the 3rd car. The second had recalls the first had recalls. The first was a Veloster 2012 and I still owe on the vehicle so it was put on my next loan. Ok , I told the dealership I wanted a low car payment like my Veloster 230$ a month. They gave me a Kia Sportage that was a lease w 33,000 miles on it. I found two recalls took it back to dealer. Told them it was illegal to sell a car with recalls. They then took it and gave me the showroom car for 575$ a month. The Elantra. Recently I switched and got a lower interest rate and got the same car diff color interior. It’s a 2023 so my bad four cars now. The Veloster was a lemon. I replaced all the 420 codes , Catylitic converter , plugs(3 times ) , coils, any valves Ect. I am a license inspector for NC. Nothing would help it to pass. I decided there was a small hole bringing air in the engine. This car is now under recalls. Major. I don’t have the car anymore and that sucks. Is there a way I can get that loan taken off of my carrier over new 4 th car ? If so. Please contact me. ! Very important.

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