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    Brian MericaBrian

      I have a 2008 Ford Explorer. A couple days ago I noticed my blower fan only worked on the highest speed. I googled the issue and most things I read said it was the blower motor resistor. I watched a video to find out where the part is located and watched the swap out procedure. Looked simple enough so I ordered the part and today I went out to install, I removed the glovebox, unplugged a few wiring harnesses to get stuff out of the way took the 2 little screws out with my ratchet. It is way back in the back you really have to stick your hand up in there to disconnect the harness and pull it out but I got it done. so I connected the new one, quickly reconnected all the other stuff I disconnected, started up the car to make sure everything was working right. All was good, had blower fan working on all speeds no check engine lights. So then I go back to try to bolt the part back into place. I swear I need to get 2 hands up there and there is only room for one. I cannot for the life of me get this damn thing bolted back in. So my question: Is it ok to just leave it unbolted? or should I really try to get it fastened? I ran out of daylight so I couldn’t finish putting everything in the dash back together but I don’t have to go anywhere so I can finish up tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        The blower resister is cooled by the air blowing across it from the blower.
        Leaving it unfastened, it could back out of its location and over heat ( possibly start a fire )
        Best to invest in the effort to secure it back the way it was designed to be.l

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