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    Hugo StiglizHugo Stigliz

      Hi Eric
      About half a year ago ChrisFix released this video

      Very interesting idea how to convert a cheap but potent car to a endurance racing machine on a cheap
      This video brought me to a your silver Honda Integra that you intended to use as a parts donor
      So i think may be it can used as project with similar ideas such as
      -weight reduction
      -K swap?
      -some tuning parts from Japan, such as wheels or aero?
      -even Bosozoku!!!

      What your thoughts about that?

      Another idea is purchasing some JDM Honda from Japan (under 25 years law ofc)
      maybe some collaboration with this guys
      In this video series you can describe the process of purchasing vehicles from Japan and what problems may arise in this case

      Thank you and hello from Russia

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        I think a lot of people think there will be something left of the parts car to use as a car when I’m done. That’s incorrect thinking as I plan to remove both rear quarters to repair the ones on the GSR. Meaning, the entire back half of the car body will be removed. That said, I do have plans for my 2000 Civic that I removed the engine from a while back. I think you’ll like what I have planned for that.

        Thanks for the suggestion.


          Happy birthday, Eric!

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