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    Wyatt TalleyWyatt Talley

      This forum is just for the ladies out there that do their own car/truck work or want to chat about things.




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      Robin DeanRobin Dean

        I just want to say how PROUD I am of each one of you. Gonads have little to do with talents and interests. I think it’s great that you’re taking things literally into your own hands and making things happen for yourselves.

        I think it’s so interesting how many of us had Dads who were supportive of our interests in this area. My dad always said, “If it’s broke, you may as well try to fix it because you probably will”. That attitude has helped me save several hundred thousand dollars over the course of my life – fixing everything from appliances to cars to small engines to garage doors to carpentry/electrical/plumbing to furniture to…… You get the picture. THANKS POPS!!

        Then there are guys like EricTheCarGuy, ChrisFix, Donyboy73….. They make astonishingly informative and clear videos. They act as mentors to us all. I’m really thankful for their work, for making this information so accessible, for being such great teachers! Anyone can read a manual, but seeing it done can make all the difference. THANKS GREAT VIDEO MAKIN’ GUYS!

        Mostly, I just want to say thanks to you young women who realize you can do alot to ensure your own independence. I want to say thanks to you for carrying on the idea that gender has nothing to do with abilities. Thanks for being you!


        I just found out that the item #3 part # 93103-25146-00 seal for the 84 and up vmax is now no longer available also,I was able to order all the others,Lyle.

        Kitty OlivKitty Oliv

          I need to pick absent at occupations that I can do, and got to run the show out the ones I can’t. Final week I did plugs, cap and rotor on my Acura Integra and finished up with rusted rotor, a bruised lower arm getting it off, and glass of wine to celebrate a work well done. Car murmurs like a kitty presently. My favorite thing I have to be say in spite of the fact that is enumerating (wash, wax and shampooing) my car. I cherish glossy things.

        Viewing 3 replies - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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