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Knocking and clanking and clicking oh my

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    Jeremy Rummel
    Jeremy Rummel

    Hello I am new here, I own a 2010 Mazda3 Sport Hatchback 2.5L which I purchased used 6 months ago and after the first few months of owning the car I have been hearing this knocking sound when riding over bumps as well as clicking sound when sitting idle turning the wheel L to R, a few mechanics told me it was the struts, ball joints, tie rod and tie rod ends, one other told me I need to replace the struts caliperspads and rotors, I saw one more mechanic who I trust more than the others that I may need struts but don’t rush to have them installed, your rotors are rusty calipers are as well but only your pads and clips need attention. I still here the noises and it mostly happens when I hit bumps at 40 or lower speed, sometimes like today for instance when backing out of garage hitting lip that pours onto asphalt (driveway) I could hear a knock in the front end, it almost sounds like as if something is loose or worn out.

    About me, I am a late 30’s male who has a giant list of medical conditions that at my age shouldn’t have, I have a hard time trusting people especially most mechanics due to past life experiences and need some pro advice or at least be pointed in the right direction as to not spend $ on car work that I may not even need!

    A family member who lives 3000 miles away who is an ASE Certified Master Mechanic said I may need ball joints, tie rod and tie rod ends from what I explained.

    Please help…..

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    You’ve had several opinions stating you need struts, ball joints, tie rod and tie rod ends, caliperspads and rotors.
    Considering the vehicles age, it may well be required.
    My suggestion with you having trust issues would be.
    Look up on youtube on how to inspect and check the various components ( none of which are difficult to do ) to confirm what your being told then decide what needs R&R.

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