Leaking Fuel ring/seal or bad pump?

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      Hi, 2009 Ford Flex. 3.5 V6 access hole for fuel pump in floor.

      When I fill tank fuel is leaking out from around the locking ring/seal of the fuel pump.
      So of course presumably a bad seal/locking locking ring.

      After the initial spillage after filling the tank the leaking stops as long as the car is not running.

      However, if I start car and let sit running it will start to seep out around locking ring after a few minutes and continues to leak the whole time car is running. This happens even when tank is only half full.

      I’m included to just replace the seal and locking ring and see what happens. But it way it leaks when running with tank half full does not make any sense unless there is some kind of issue with the pump itself? Anyone have this sort of issue with Ford?
      Ford wants $450 for pump but Rock has motorcraft for $229. Wouldn’t that be same part as dealer? Aftermarket brand pump is $170.

      Here is kind of crappy video to go along with my question. Thanks!

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