Letting my car sit without oil OK?

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    Jay L
    Jay L

    Hello ericthecarguy,

    I have a question regarding whether or not it is ok to leave a car without any oil for a couple weeks or so. See, I was changing my oil in my honda for the first time and was unable to get the oil filter off, so I ordered a oil filter wrench and it should get here within two weeks or so. Of course the car will NOT be started again until I put new oil in it. Itll just be sitting there until I get the tool.

    Should I provide the engine with a little bit oil in the meantime to prevent any future problems? Is it possible for any rust or and possible internal corrosion within the oil pan to develop if engine is left dry?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    For a short duration you should have no issues.
    You have owners leaving their vehicles in long term parking without a problem.

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