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    Jacob AustinJacob Austin

      Hi Eric,

      I guess my suggestion is really in two parts:

      1st: Do you think that a tool review on the Milwaukee power tools from the Pull-A-Part Challenge would make good content for a video?

      2nd: Do you think that sprinkling in some tool or product reviews could work with the new strategy that you have for posting (more frequent posts, shorter length, quick tips)?

      The last time that I bought a drill I made my decision almost entirely off of watching tool reviews on YouTube. These weren’t channels that I typically frequent, but my search led me to them as a result. A tool or product review might be a way to increase traffic from folks that aren’t part of the normal viewing demographic. It might also be a way to have a shorter video to post that isn’t as extensive as a normal repair video. Just a thought.


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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        I do plan to get back into tool reviews at some point. However, ATM I’m struggling to keep up. I’m working on getting some help with production and post production. If that comes to pass, it will make things a lot easier. Well, as far as producing new videos goes.

        Thank you for the suggestion.

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