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    hey i got a question for you! i have a 2015 ford escape 2.0 EcoBoost with 122k. recently when i first start my car and i usually let it idle for about 3 minutes and i put it in drive and the car jolts a little bit! if i put it in reverse or neutral its all smooth! once the car warms up everything is smooth like coming out of a store start the car put it in drive and its smooth only when i first start my car, my transmission was rebuilt at 53k and now has 122k on it, last week i did do a transmission drain and fill on it and the transmission fluid was dirty and black! but it did have a little red color to it! and the transmission fluid didnt smell burnt. it seemed to fix the problem start the car in the morning put it in drive all smooth! i think the problem is coming back when i put the car in drive its very slight jerk, do you think i should do another drain and fill on the transmission to get more of the dirty fluid out? any advice? oh yeah no check engine light on.

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