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    Hello Everyone
    Have being facing rich condition for my car for the past one year and have done tons of repair stuffs that never seems to change the rich condition.
    Please check below for the details and give me your thoughts, suggestions and repair ideas if any.
    Am a diyer person though!

    Nissan Sentra 2008 2.0l Petrol Base Model (CVT Transmission)

    Car running rich so much that hurting my purse.
    Plug in obd and fuel trim reads stft-8 and lft -10 and get worse at cruising speeds (ie stft -15 -20 bouncing around with ltft -10, -18)
    To my surprise car pass emission test with the obd emmission test section.
    Can give you shots as per requested on any parameter you want to see in the obd output.

    -What done so far
    Changed air filter assembly; was fitted with short ram air intake from the buyer i bought it from earlier
    Changed oxygen sensor
    Changed maf sensor
    Changed cat converter (Though no problems or associated trouble codes earlier)
    Check and confirm pcv working (Cleaned and make noise when shake)
    Changed head gasket (Had a blown head gasket earlier which is fixed now, car was overheating with coolant bumbling)
    Changed engine oil and filter
    Changed fuel pump assembly (Thought was faulty fuel pump pressure issue)
    Changed ECM (Thought was faulty)

    Spark plugs (Appears worn out) carbon deposit
    Not replaced it since November, 2018
    But can a spark plug cause this?
    I dont want to go ahead replacing it without being technically sure its the absolute problem, have done so much this as per above things done.


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    No please
    How do i check that?
    Can i do that, obd device?

    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    There are a few methods:

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