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No Clutch Pressure – 2002 Honda Accord

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    Sharon Kretchmar
    Sharon Kretchmar

    Good Evening Everyone,
    I’ve most recently changed out the Clutch Slave Cylinder and Master Cylinder on my 2002 Honda Accord 5-speed for reasons that I suddenly lost all pressure in my clutch. Looking under the hood showed my slave was leaking oil. The part was replaced & the line bleeding was conducted (a lot of old grey fluid) with NEW DOT#3. It appeared all air was out of the line (used Eric’s bottle/aquatic tube tool). After watching Eric’s related video on the Acura suggesting the Master be changed out too because the slave and master usually experience failure not far behind each other.
    So the master was changed. The bleeding event was conducted again however; on this occasion we could not get pressure on the clutch.
    All of the fluid connection points were checked for leaks as well the entire fluid line itself. We even used the method of pushing the fork in manually to ensure there was no air in the slave. Plenty of air did come out but, the clutch still has no pressure???
    Eric states that a Pressure bleeder will always perform great but, before we go there & purchase a pressure bleeder…have we missed something simple while using the manual bleeding option??

    We are reaching out and grateful in advance for any expertise assistance you are able to provide around this roadblock we have run into.

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