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No Heat on a 1975 Buick Estate Wagon

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    Shahji MangalamShahji Mangalam

      I have replaced the tstat and heater core just a few days ago on the above vehicle. Was getting heat for the first 2 days after installing these 2 components at the selected temperature of 85 degrees. I purged the system of air by having the rad cap off and engine at approximately 1500rpm. Squeezed the upper rad hose as well to burp the system. I installed an aftermarket 195 degree tstat. I also installed an aftermarket heater core.
      Both heater hoses are equally warm to the touch and the aftermarket temp gauge reads 195 degrees after 5 minutes of regular idle but I have no heat. just cool air blowing out my vents. My question is, how on earth did I have wonderful heat the first couple of days but the last few times i went to turn on the heat, all I got was cool air? I tested this in my underground garage as well as outside. The same cool air is blowing out of the vents.

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