No recovery from swerve?

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    Dave Riggs

    That’s how the steering on my recently acquired 2012 Hyundai Sonata feels. I honestly believe that if I had to swerve to avoid something in the roadway I might not be able to recover. The vehicle steers normally in normal turns and straight ahead. I have only detected this “squirrelly” motion at low speed because, frankly, I’m afraid to test it at higher speeds.
    As a comparison, it feels similar to the steering on mid-60s Mopar vehicles; stable straight ahead but goofy on rapid wheel inputs. I was told back then that what I felt was the difference between Chrysler Corp’s full-time power steering and Ford sand GM’s power-assist steering.
    The 175,000 mile vehicle had one previous owner who was a stickler for Preventative Maintenance. Receipts in the 6″ stack given to me include every suggested maintenance item right on the recommended schedule.
    The 85,000 mile tires have approximately 45,000 miles on them and show no signs of unusual wear. The receipts show they have been rotated and balanced every 6,000 miles.
    I live in a rural area and finding animals, from cats/skunks to deer and bears, in the roadway is not unusual. Being able to safely steer to avoid them is a real concern. I don’t have a very high level of confidence that I can do that in this vehicle as it is.
    Any thoughts about what the problem might be? What tests can be used to narrow down the problem? Any help is appreciated.

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