noisy steering pump(new)

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    Victor elecVictor elec

      03 expedition replace steering pump.still making noise.could pulley or other componets tensioner etc need replacing? How do you check.old pump on high pressurre side had a pin looking thing . new pump did not check other new pump no pin.also noticed that fluid in tank pulsates

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        Depending upon the noise you’re hearing, it may be air in the pump, it may be mis-aligned pulleys, or several other things. If the noise is what I refer to as the “Star Wars noise” (so called because it sounds to me like Chewbacca from Star Wars), then it’s probably air in the system. What I always do on Fords when I replace power steering pumps is to turn the PS pump pulley by hand several times to try and get some of the air out of it. Then I’ll pull the fuel pump relay, make sure that there’s plenty of fluid in the reservoir and then crank the engine for 15 seconds. Top off the reservoir, then crank it for another 15 seconds. Continue doing this until the fluid level stabilizes. Go ahead and put the fuel pump relay back in and start the engine. With the weight on the front wheels, turn the wheel lock-to-lock twice and add fluid as necessary to keep it at the proper level. Keep turning it slowly lock-to-lock until the noise goes away and there aren’t any bubbles in the fluid.

        If the noise you’re hearing is a high-pitched squeal, it may be misaligned pulleys or a failing tensioner. The tensioner on your truck is spring-loaded, and you had to remove the belt to replace the pump, so how did the tensioner feel? Did it move smoothly, with a bunch of resistance, and then return to it’s completely unloaded position after you removed the belt? If so, then the tensioner is fine. if it felt all notchy and rough, then it’s done for and should be replaced. Did you put the power steering pump pulley all the way back on where it was on the old pump? I’ve seen it before on things where the pulley wasn’t installed all the way, causing a horrendous screeching noise.

        It’s also possible that the new pump is just noisy. I’ve seen it once where the replacement pump, fresh out of the box, had a sticker on it saying that the pump was going to be noisty and this is a normal condition for that particular pump. I don’t know what brand of pump it was, I just remember it was on a ranger and it had been installed before I touched it. Personally speaking, I would ahve sent a pump with that sticker on it back and gotten a different one that wouldn’t make noise, but that’s just me. I’m not sure what the pin looking thing you were referring to is. The pulsating fluid in the tank is most likely normal fluid flow, as long as there isn’t any air in it.

        Also, are all the lines that you disconnected to replace the pump tight and not leaking?

        Victor elecVictor elec

          hey 3sheets,thanks for your input,ya i did the whole thing with taking air out of lthe line ,made sure pulley is all the way back no leaks , lines are all tight.. this sound it is making is more of a whurling sound.Chiltons manuel recommends replacing pulley after second pump. i have no idea if it was the original pump that i removed..tensioner is in good shape as you described .iam thinking it may be bearings on pulley(s) where belt routes around.noise seems to loudest when first start up.gets louder as warm up then quites down then noise returns.

          EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

            If your sure there is no air in the system this video MIGHT provide some insight.


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