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    David FieldsDavid Fields

      Hello, I have a 2001 maxima
      Transmission jatco model RE4F04B
      Around 202k miles it got p0744
      Shifting very bad.

      I noticed the fluid very dirty.
      So I did a slow ATF flush
      Doing 3 drain and fills with few thousand miles between each.
      ATF used , valvoline maxlife full synthetic
      I also used Lucus transmission fix stop slips on first 2 drain and fills. And seafoam transtune just before the 3rd drain and fill. It helped clean up stuff and you could feel the difference. On last drain and fill I used only transmission fluid and later. Added LUCUS again. (I could feel that it needed it)
      Maybe some valve or solenoid is leaking/sticking and “hammering”

      P0744 still comes up but not as much after LUCUS and seafoam after the 3rd drain and fill ( ATF Flush ). It also drives and shifts 95% better than when this first started. I was able to get it to pass state emissions test. Barely on Retest . Looks like I have O2 B2S2 starting to go (p0160)

      My question is do you think changing the shift solenoids block would resolve the issue p0744
      (Nissan part #31940-85X01
      or 31940-85X0B)

      Or should I be concerned that torque converter or entire valve body needs replacement also?


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