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P2188 – Rich at Idle – 2008 Mini Cooper S Turbo

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      I have googled this topic without much help.

      The Coop is bone stock

      Has anyone seen this code on a Mini before?

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        It’s weird. look like about engine oil. Why you lose oil and top of the engine oil ? Normally, no more than 100 ml is use for synthetic oil for the entire oil change. You need to verify if you have a leak somewhere.

        And for the piece of wood you have hit on the road, it’s might cause damage if the piece was big and you roll fast. Mini cooper have a turbo, so you have to much fuel or air at idle. I think It’s more plausible It’s too rich in air. The turbo run always. So at idle you will have more air coming in.
        Normally, a valve in the intake will restrict the airflow from coming in the engine.

        How turbo work and install in a normal engine.




          college mancollege man

              it does have oil leaks, but fixing a leak, is only a concern to this customer if it fixes the check engine light. the code was too rich at idle, so it cannot be vacuum leak, or too much air. A collapsed hose to the turbo can cause this. Ive seen it on volvos


                thanks college man. I ran through all these things in trying to diagnose it. It seemed like a good cleaning of the induction and fuel system might do it some good, but we dont recommend things like that usually if we can’t verify it will correct the problem. Sometimes we recommend them just as a PM thing.

                anyway that was the problem i was running into the other day. So many ideas, but no confirmed fixes.

                darrren caindarrren cain

                  Did you ever find the problem/

                Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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