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Please help I am desperate at this point

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    am genuinely hoping someone can help me. I have engine swapped this car twice and I am over it. Literally just trying to help a friend, and I don’t even know where to begin at this point.

    I have a few codes. Most notably p0300

    Multiple cylinder misfire.

    Also have p0455 and P0449 evapvent solenoid circuit and evap leak both large and small. I can live with these. This little light of mine..

    What I can’t deal with is the misfire.

    Car arrived with a serious knock, and code for a small evap leak.

    Dropped a used engine in it. Engine smoked like a freight train set codes for large and small evap leak, map sensor, evap vent control circuit and p0300.

    Dropped another warranty engine no smoke no knock. Set codes for p0300 and small and large evap leak and evap vent control circuit.

    New plugs and plug wires
    Tried multiple coil packs coming from the initial engine.

    Watching the scanner the ECT heats up, and the 02 sensors are ranging in voltage under 1 right around .9 or so but of course they vary.

    Scanner says I have no short term or long term fuel trims. Scanner reads OL fault.

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