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Posting an embedded video (youtube) in the forum.

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    Wyatt TalleyWyatt Talley

      Here is how you can post videos to the forum to get them to display them in your post. This works with a reply or a start of a new post. When you land on that screen you will have a filmstrip icon next to the ebay icon on the left and the map icon on the right. When you click on it a new box will show, forget the top 2 lines (the size, ETC and provider, ETC lines) and simply copy the FULL link to the video IE like below in the URL field:
      (on your web browsers URL bar)

      and will show up like this:

      Basically the code looks like this:

      and NOT:

      (found on the share button, This will NOT work! Shortened address DO NOT WORK!)

      Follow that first example it should automatically post the link in your post with the ability to view the video in the forum. Even if you post the first example with the full youtube address in the forum it will usually automatically post in the forum as well.

      Hope this helps! banana:

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        Nice work Onyx. Thanks for posting this.

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