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      Great video. Eric. Right now in Canada so many garages are suffering because of their high over head, workplace trash and games. Did you know that you can make more money going to people homes and fixing their vehicles than guys in the dealerships here. Averaging $200 per day profit is really not that hard. There are some jobs that must me taken in to a garage. However there are alot of jobs that can be done at people’s home.

      Think about it. You use their home garage + electricity to get your job done and you collect.

      One thing that seems to alarm me is the fact that even the most skilled mechanics are so COWARD to go on there own. Like WTF. You have thousands of dollars in tools. However you insist on staying inside a shop and going broke.

      In my opinion this is one of the richest industries world wide with the laziest and most incompetent people in it. GONE ARE THE DAYS OF CHARGING $1,500 FOR A BRAKE JOB. People have woken up. People need great service and great prices.

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        You are 100% right I did this for years mostly on a saturday at my home and 200/300 for the day was not uncommon
        Now that I am retired I might go back and start doing this again I have a ton of tools heat a garage
        And yes the 1,500.00 brake jobs are so done people just do not have the money to spend to have their cars fixed

        EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

          You might THINK it’s a good idea but you’re neglecting the liability issues here. Say you were working on the car in the ‘customers’ garage and it caught fire and burned their house down. You would then be on the hook to buy them a new house. This may be a worse case scenario but it is possible. NEVER rule out liability in any business, this is how people go bankrupt and end up paying for things for the rest of their lives.

          I used to do this before I had my own shop. It’s not as easy as you think mostly because unless you have a truck full of all your tools it’s WAY more difficult than you make it out to be. Also, for those of us in the states it’s nice having health insurance and a 401K. You don’t get these things when you’re on your own.

          I will now move this topic to the correct section.

          EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

              I understand your point concerning liability. There are certain jobs that must be done in a shop environment. However general maintenance that is done according to the manufacturers specifications will be just fine. Most of the problems that occur are based on people making up their own rules as they go along. I am not saying that life is easy or perfect, but we are in a rough economy and only the strong will survive. You are a prime example of that with ETCG. It takes dynamic personalities like yourself to move ahead and continue to maintain. Thanks again for your insight.

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