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      A couple of guys I know–real drunks–suggested that I Rhino Line my suburban. Their main points were as follows:
      1. It would look really cool and hopefully get some female attention banana:
      2. No one will be able to key my suburban.
      3. It (supposedly) prevents minor body damage and reduces the damage from fender benders.

      So, what do you think about “painting” vehicles with bed liners? As you can tell, I think it sounds awesome, especially if my suburban can be more like this

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      Jeff M.Jeff M.

        I don’t see anything wrong with it B)

        Jeff M.Jeff M.

            It’s do-able, with the right products. Not sure how thick Rhino Liner is, but we use Line-X at our shop, no way you could get away with that on body panels, it builds almost a half inch think. Body lines would be too tight, trim wouldn’t fit.

            However, with a thinner product, I see NO reason why it wouldn’t work.

            Also, yes you are correct. A high quality bed liner has been shown to SLIGHTLY increase the rigidity of sheet metal panels.

            Kevin CriswellKevin Criswell

              I know lots of hunters with Rhino liner as a paint job

              Not bad, but it will add a substantial weight to the vehicle.

              Joshua ThompsonJoshua Thompson

                Worked at a weld shop that did some style of bed liner. I had no idea what brand it was, but it was great and guaranteed for life. It was a 2k that showed up in 55 gallon drums. Stuff was thick(half an inch is pretty extreme thats a 500 MIL build….) but it was around 8 mil a coat. Rattlecan bed liner is maybe 1 mil dry coat and not nearly as durable or UV resistant.

                For comparison, top of the line clear coats from PPG are about 1.5 – 2.0 mil a coat, and thats two coats. So one coat of this liner was four times the thickness of automotive clear coat.

                And with masking and correct spray patterns(and looking at the products dry film on Tech page) will allow you to refit trim and make sure doors open and close fully.


                  You can fully customize the look of the car with the vehicle wraps. I also want to change the car’s look so have decided to DIY the installation but currently making some graphic designs on computer and later I would get them printed on the wraps. Not getting cool ideas for graphics, so seeking some help.

                  Fernando cunhaFernando cunha

                    just wondering is that stone guard or large coarse metallic base color .
                    i haven’t seen that coarse


                    Truck bed liner is not a good paint. The reaso is that its texured. The rubber seals the cars are built with seal to a flat smooth surface. If its textured the seal wont have a smooth contact.
                    In a unibody frame car I sprayed my spare tire well down with it and battery tray.
                    Two place where there is contact.


                      I agree about the texture, not ideal especially on muddy or dusty places. We painted our truck bed before and had to deal with the dust problem. That’s until I installed a tonneau cover to keep the bed and the stuff I put in there clean and dry.

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