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Safety recall: Rear frame stiffener corrosion

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    Major PLPMajor PLP

      Honda just sent me a safety recall letter informing me that 2003-2010 Honda Elements may suffer from a defect that could affect the safety of a person. THE REAR FRAME STIFFENER MAY BECOME EXCESSIVELY CORRODED OVER TIME. In extreme cases, the trailing arm might separate from the vehicule’s structure. A Honda dealer will install new support braces free-of-charge. If vehicule condition assessed as beyond repair, Honda will offer to purchase the vehicule according to market value plus a bonus.
      Has anyone of you gone through this process? Being a safety recall, I fear the dealer might be tempted to aggravate the situation stating that the vehicule may no longer be driven on the streets and try to freeze it in place.
      My Element is a 2007 EX manual.

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        You could just have a look at the area(s) in question.
        If the corrosion is that severe you’ll see it for yourself before going to the dealer.

        Rudy RRudy R

          There is actually a recall in Canada for the third generation CR-V (2007-2011) where part of the rear frame can rust away, letting the rear trailing arm separate from it. It is not repairable. Honda there is recalling them and buying them back from owners if the rust has progressed to where it can’t be addressed. Here in the US, though, CR-Vs in the salt belt are having the same corrosion issues, but American Honda has not yet issued a recall. Glad they’re addressing it on the Elements though.

          Lou AwodeyLou Awodey

            I own an 03 Honda Element which has been a great car. 250,000+ miles,body OK, engine still strong, still life in car; but, the under frame has rusted out (Michigan road salt?) underneath, so the rear axle mounts have given way. Rear Wheels are flaring out now. Have you got any experience with this issue? I’ve heard it’s now a problem on other older Elements? Can it be repaired? Can the framework be replaced so that the axle mounts be re-secured??

            Figured you might know with all your Honda Element experience? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!

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