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    J O
    J O

    I am on the fence in using this product as it going to be the first time using it. I am looking for anyone that has used this product in past.

    Does my tank need to be full or close to empty when I pour it in? I have read the label, but its suggesting the possible amount I might have?

    2.4 Toyota camry 05-08

    Thank you in advance, i appreciate the help

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    Fill tank and pour entire can in.
    Seafoam doe not have neck, suitable for gas tanks, so get yourself narrow funnel, or you won’t be able to pour it in.
    Then go on FWY and put her on cruise control for about an hour or so.
    Also, Seafom engine oil before every oil change. Pour can in and just drive around, as normal, for a day or two.
    Word from someone who uses Seafoam on all of his cars and engines since 2002.

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