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second gen honda crv speedometer issues

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    greg choma
    greg choma

    I’ve seen some vids by Eric on the subject of Honda speedometers, how he diagnosed and subsequently repaired one (it was the VSS). My 2002 crv has a speedometer that quits working often and then starts working fine again. If I’m driving and it stops working, it may start working again as I take off from a red light or stop sign (after coming to a complete stop). The speedo does not jump around in crazy fashion. It does not jump around while at a stop. It just dies sometime then comes back. When it is not working, the odometer continues to function normally. I have an obd2 reader I leave plugged in giving me real time feedback so my dashmounted phone can display a speedometer from the app. The app speedo works equally well both on gps and by ecm reading when the car speedo is malfunctioning. I pulled the instrument cluster and made sure to clean the contacts and replace securely. I pulled the plug at the VSS and cleaned and replaced securely, no improvement. I ordered and replaced a new VSS (randomly hoping it was the easy fix), no improvement. Diagnosis with a multimeter is problematic because the problem comes and goes so frequently. I could randomly replace the speedo/cluster but I hate that approach, would be stuck with cost of the part if it doesn’t work and not sure how to keep the same odometer. I don’t see any potentially pinched or damaged wiring. Everything looks normal.
    Q. is there another possible cause other than a faulty speedometer? Suggestions to help diagnose would be appreciated. Any video help on replacement and keeping original odometer if it comes to that?

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