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      Hey i know you said dont start topics in here, but the last topic was posted 1.5 years ago so… i am going to do it! plus its been over a week since you posted the shop update video.

      Just wanted to say that eric the car guy is great! You are pretty much the best mechanic on the internet. The level of detail, the years of experience you convey, and the methodical way that you solve a problem, is very enjoyable to watch. It would be a shame if you stopped posting! thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the videos over the years. I think everyone is feeling a bit financially stretched right now, not getting exactly what they want out of life. Hang in there as these things do rise and fall, Such is life, and hopefully we all have a long time left of it!

      Just fixed another problem on my car, and who gave me the years of confidence building to get that done completely on my own when no one else could?? ETCG that’s who!! 😛 one love, stay safe, stay dirty, stay sane – anyway you can!

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