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      I`ll paste the same text I`ve sent to Eric:

      Several times (through 3 years period) I thought about buying side
      window wind deflectors. Every time I read about them, I read something else.

      I think that different brands have different deflector shapes, so the
      efficiency (or its lack) differs.

      The most common ones (and probably the best ones) in Poland are HEKO. As
      I read, they`re probably the world`s biggest wind deflector maker.

      Now the answers come:
      1. Do they help ventilate the inside of car? I read that when window is
      slightly opened it makes more airflow [than without them], but when
      fully opened it prevents from making draft. So wouldn`t it make less
      airflow when fully opened [with deflectors]? I don`t have A/C, so when it`s hot I need to
      open front windows and rescind the back ones (1996 3 door hatchback Corolla)
      for a whole load of air. I don`t mind the draft that much, but
      passengers often tend to close windows. Of course I can be rude and
      block passenger`s side electric window, but that`s not the way to go. Do
      these side wind deflectors help to get the air outside of the car (using
      ventilation holes) instead of rushing air inside (which happens without
      them)? There is one way that works quite good: I rescind the back
      windows and turn on the fan, so hot air gets sucked outside of the car
      by back windows, but the disadvantage is that when it starts raining or
      I want to close these back windows (it`s getting cold or I want to get
      rid of the noise), I need to stop, get out, reach my hand to the back
      window and close it.
      2. Do they help in rain, preventing water from going on window where the
      mirror is (the line of sight between my eyes and mirror)? If so, what if
      there is a side rain? Wind won`t blow that water off because of that
      deflector 😛 it will sit there, and the air will pass it?
      3. Is the water from roof really not dripping inside? Does it work only with
      slightly opened windows (to the level of wind deflector) or with windows
      all the way down? About 2 weeks ago I `washed` my door [from inside]
      like this 😛 driving after rain with water on roof, and windows all the
      way down. The rainspout on roof was unable to handle that big amount of
      water in short period of time, and it dripped inside.
      4. Is it really worth ~$30-35?

      I thought they are pretty popular in US, but Eric told me that it`s kinda rare and he doesn`t know the answers for my questions. In Poland they are quite a “crap[py] tuning part” and I also don`t see them too often on cars. One friend has these deflector, but he said they don`t work at all. I know that different makes & models are shaped worse or better, but I want to know if ANY of them works? And is it worth trying them?

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        Hawk, i have the AVS brand vent visors,durable and they provide good ventilation when windows opened about an inch and rain does not come in.Mine are the stick on type, but they stick on well, never come off unless u want them off.

        I have a 2004 ford escape limited,and not only do they work well, but also look really good..



          I have some vent visors on my 04 Grand Cherokee Special Edition. There the in-channel vent visors. You are able to open your window when it does rain but only so much before the inside cabin becomes exposed to the elements. If you need me to post you some pictures of my setup, let me know 🙂


            Quoted From Hawk2:

            OK so I got another set of questions (more or less the same as above, but in shorter form):
            1. Is the airflow better after installing vent visors when windows are opened about 2 inches? Or is it the same as before?
            2. When windows are fully down, do you have any wind draft? The same or less as without vent visors?

            (1) I had better airflow before i installed my vent visors, they seem to deflect some of it away from comin in window.

            (2) Wind draft seems to be less with visors with windows down,and also alot quieter.So yes still draft but less they seem to deflect the air coming in.


              I thought maybe they work like diffusers, speeding the air [that comes in through air vents]. I think they`re not for me. Sometimes I need to rescind back windows and fully down the front ones, to have enough airflow if it`s really hot. If I would have got wind deflectors, they would decrease airflow. Now it`s kinda designed to suck air in through airvents/front windows, and get out through rescinded back ones. If I would have wind deflectors, I don`t know if I wouldn`


                OK so I got another set of questions (more or less the same as above, but in shorter form):
                1. Is the airflow better after installing vent visors when windows are opened about 2 inches? Or is it the same as before?
                2. When windows are fully down, do you have any wind draft? The same or less as without vent visors?


                  I’ve always wondered about these things. Driving around in the deap south with no AC I encounter similar problems: I want the windows down, but it blows the wife & daughter’s hair around.

                  I’m interested in the replies to Hawk2’s questions as well!

                  EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

                    I’m glad to see some people weighing in on this because I have little experience with those and I think you sent me an email on this at one point. Good luck.


                      I put stick on AVS deflectors on my Sienna van and I haven’t noticed any change is air dynamics. But I do like them because I can leave the windows cracked, up to about 4 inches, without worrying about the possibility of rain. This leaves my van cooler in the summer.


                        Hmm, that`s also true. I`ll see where I`ll find a job = where will I park my car.

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