steering wheel is shaking

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    1. When the vehicle is driving at low speed (30-40 km / h), the body has obvious shaking motion, just like the feeling of a boat. This kind of situation is mostly caused by the tire deformation caused by rubbing, bumping or aging in daily use, which can be solved by changing the tire.

    2. The steering wheel shakes when the vehicle is driving at medium speed (80-90 km / h), and it returns to normal when the speed exceeds 90 km / h. This situation is mostly caused by tire deformation or vehicle transmission system. It is necessary to conduct a four-wheel alignment inspection on the vehicle to check whether the alignment angle and toe in of the whole wheel meet the requirements. If the data is inaccurate, it should be adjusted. Set up the front axle to test run the wheel to check the static balance of the wheel and whether the tire deformation is too large. If the deformation is too large, it should be replaced.

    3. When driving on a flat road, the vehicle is normal. Once encountering a pothole road or passing the deceleration belt, the steering wheel shakes. This situation is due to the looseness of the pull rod ball joint or the rubber sleeve falling off at the joint when the vehicle is driving. It may also be due to the irregular wear of the tire. It should be sent to a professional repair shop to check and replace the damaged parts.

    4. When the vehicle reaches a certain high speed, the direction is drifting and the steering wheel is shaking or shimmy, which is caused by the front wheel shimmy during driving; the above reasons are: the dynamic balance of the front wheel assembly is damaged due to the patching of tires or tire repair, the parts of the transmission shaft assembly are loose, the balance of the transmission shaft assembly is damaged, the shock absorber is aging, the stiffness of the leaf spring is inconsistent, and the steering system parts are damaged Loose wear and improper front wheel alignment.

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