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Steering wheel shakes when braking 2006 Odyssey

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    Last year replaced the brakes on 2006 Honda Odyssey. The rotors were turned down. Recently the steering wheel begins to shake while applying the brakes approximately 20 – 30 mph. Are the rotors warped or is it something else?

    Replaced the rotorsl with new premium namebranded aftermarkets. To my surprise, there shaking wheel returned after like 500 miles. The brakes were replaced again entirely with Honda OEMs and after 3000 thousands are fine. The dealer did suggest some time ago that the power steering rack needed to be replaced. This was not done and the steering is currently fine.

    The reason aftermarket did not work on this van was because these vehicles are heavy like trucks. They harder on the brakes than cars. Aftermarkets are not as thick on the rotors and heat up and warp under the heat of friction. This causes the steering to shake and does put stress on the rack n pinion steering.

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    I would check the rotors. sometimes when you get them turned they are thiner and there is more of a chance of warpage. I would start there, check them if warped I would replace with new ones. good luck.


    More then likely it will be your rotors being warped and your pads “skimming” across the unever surface of the rotor. ☺

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