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    Hi All
    I’m brand new to the ERICTHECARGUY website . I am now for several months a big fan of Eric and his youtube channel !

    I own a 1990 ford 4×4 f 150 xlt lariat . Under the hood is the 5.0 v8 302 . New to me this truck is a fixer upper and needs just about everything…but my humble opinion , I just can’t believe how flipping expensive trucks are becoming , near 40,000 for a standard new ford truck is just sickening to me , and i never want that car payment . So…I vow to love and committ to what I have no matter how many new parts it needs…Im pretty sure I can keep it under 40,000 to get to great shape .

    I’m already in the fire pit of repairs on this truck fast and furious , trying to prioritize their importance as I attempt to bring this truck back to a runner with another 20 years of good livin .

    Out of the gate , Ive got something happening underneath…here in wintery Colorado , I experienced a clunk noise and a grabbing feeling underneath that felt like something bound momentarily then freed up . I pulled over immediately and looked to my hearts content and found nothing obviously broken . I remain at this moment able to drive it…turn , stop , and shift okay…but I have a rattling and grinding type noise that occurs right away after letting off the gas after about 30 miles per hour . Hearing the noise and feeling some vibration approx…under my feet of the floorboards or just behind the cab underneath .

    Any comments on how to self diagnose or figure out how to isolate my noise…as i can’t pinpoint while driving or find anything damaged underneath visibly to my eye .

    Thanks in advance for any helpful comments .

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    college man
    college man

    Welcome to the forum.

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