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    Kevin Hicks
    Kevin Hicks

    The TPMS light on my 2013 Limited came on this past week. the weatehr had turned cooler, so I assumed that was it. I verified all pressures, including the full size spare. Light stayed on. Added pressure to all tires. Light stayed on. Dropped pressure to 30 on all tires. Light stayed on. Had tire shop check all tires (including spare) and ask computer to re-learn the system. Light went out for a day, then came back on. Did that twice. I’m hesitant to drive toa Toyota Service Center because the nearest one is 40 minutes away and I have a feeling they’ll do exactly what the local tire shop did and the light wil come on again after I drive home. Any recommendations other than electrical tape over the dummy icon or ignoring it?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Has anyone actually checked the error code?
    Has anyone actually checked the signal output and battery state of the sensors?

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