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    Kyle PetersonKyle Peterson

      I have a 91 crx with a B18C1
      I’ve been having an idle issue, when driving and giving it gas it’s runs great, but when at idle at a stop light, the rpm with dip down to where it’s barely running, and sometimes it’ll idle okay but if I give it a little gas it’ll dive back down and barely run, I tried recalibration good my tps sensor, but I can’t get it to pivot enough to get it into spec (.45-.5v) I ended up cutting the sensor so it could pivot more and got it in spec but I’m still having the same idle problem. Any ideas?

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      Greg SugrueGreg Sugrue

        Sounds like the Idle Control Valve is faulty / dirty. I think Honda calls it he Idle Air Control Valve – search for video on cleaning / replacement.

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