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    Shannnon BrimerShannnon Brimer

      not sure whats going on i’m confused as hell something wrong with transmission the car will only drive forward and reverse with 4wd engaged and the odd part is park, reverse, neutral, drive, 2nd gear and 1 gear with every single one of them with car on or off i can push the car as if its in neutral and not just a little bit i could push it down the road if i wanted too

      Things i have done:
      dropped the oil pan looked for metal parts/shavings in the pan and there was nothing just some old fluid which i replaced
      dropped the transmission to check the parts didn’t find a single bad part a little wear but nothing bad that needed replaced
      checked the internal part inside the tranny pan area and it all looked fine

      is there a electronic part or a sensor i might of over looked or didn’t know about

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      Shannnon BrimerShannnon Brimer

        crap sorry forgot the car i’m talking about its a 03 Chevy Tracker 4×4 with the 2.0 inline 4 cyclinder

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