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Truck only starts on the second crank

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    Jonathan Cardenas
    Jonathan Cardenas

    Hey all, I have a ’94 Nissan D21/Hardbody pickup with 220,000 miles. My truck is being really strange and for some reason will only start on the second crank (90%) of the time. By that I mean, I get in the truck, turn the key to prime the fuel pump and wait five seconds. Give it a couple seconds of cranking. No start. Give another couple of seconds of cranking and the truck starts. It runs perfectly fine after that. If I make a stop and turn the truck off. I have to do the same process in order to get it started (regardless of how long I wait whether it is 2 minutes or 4 hours). This happens regardless of whether or not it is cold (freezing temps) or warm (it has been in the 60’s lately).

    What makes it stranger is that if I let the truck sit for a day or two, the truck starts right up on the first try. This is the only time it will do this; after it sits for an extended period of time.

    I have replaced tons of components including:

    Spark plugs and wires
    rotor and distributor cap
    fuel injectors
    fuel pressure regulator
    fuel pump
    fuel filter
    timing belt (timing is within spec as well)

    Also checked seals, and vacuum/evap components with no issues. I just checked my charcoal/evap canister after reading that it could cause such issue but it checks out fine according to the manual specifications. The battery, alternator and starter are all fine.

    Any ideas what could be causing this? Like I said, the truck runs perfectly fine but it is extremely annoying to have to do this every time.


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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Have you tested / checked the crank and /or cam sensors along with perhaps the MAF?

    Jonathan Cardenas
    Jonathan Cardenas

    Maf has been cleaned. Everything else seems to be in working order; no codes are present.

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