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    Dave Riggs
    Dave Riggs

    ABS light came on and the speedometer went nuts on my ’96 GMC C1500, 4.3 liter auto 2-WD. Info and response from here say check or replace the VSS. That is where the problems began!
    The sensor I found is on the tailpiece of the transmission right by where the driveshaft attaches. I thought I had a 4L60; the sensor from Advance (and everyone else) is way too big for that location. The sensor for the 4L80 is the right size but the mounting bracket is way wrong. Plus, after counting about 50 times, I can say with some degree of certainty, the transmission pan only has 15 bolts. Yeah, I know, 16 or 17, right?
    Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Are there two speed sensors? I found a reference to input and output but no data.
    Where the heck is it actually located? The one I found is on the passenger side at the very end of the tailpiece. (A logical place it seems to me). However, checking the wiring harness, there is another sensor on the top of the transmission housing about 8 or 10 inches forward of the sensor I found. It is a larger sensor and might be the size of the one everyone tried to sell me in the first place. Is that the one I should be looking at. If so, how without dropping the tranny?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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