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      Hi! Love your site and youtube channel: had two ideas I wanted to throw in the suggestion box:

      1) So many newer cars have these tiny turbocharged engines, and anecdotally to me, it seems like the turbochargers don’t last as long as the motors do/can/usedto. And replacement parts are sometimes crazy-expensive. A video showing how to, for instance, rebuild/re-manufacture/rehab a failed stock turbo on something like a first-gen Acura RDX, would be pretty cool. And probably a lot more valuable as time goes on. Or even just something about repairing turbochargers in general or common failure cases for them.

      2) Whenever I go car-shopping with one of the older male members of my family (I’m 36 – I’m talking the 60+ grew-up-on-a-farm-rebuilding-tractors crowd) they will comment about how an engine “sounds strong” or “sounds sick.” My grandfather foretold the death of my brother’s new-to-him Altima when everybody else – including the mechanic doing the PPI – thought the car was fine. Couldn’t explain it, just “didn’t sound right.” I’ve spent some time listening to youtube videos of piston slap, valve ticking, etc., and just… don’t… hear it. What is the secret of this superpower? (Or maybe my GF is right and I am just deaf.)

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        Thank you for the suggestions. They are good ones, and I may get to them at some point, but right now I’m in the middle of building the truck for my dad. This is consuming about every waking minute. When I’m not working on the truck, I’m editing videos of the work I’ve done. Once I finish the truck, which should be next week, I’ll be traveling on the road for almost a month.

        In short, I’m happy to look into your suggestions, but it may be some time before I can get to them. That said, I might be able to speak to the engine noise part on my ETCG1 channel. If I can, I’ll work that in as soon as I can. I really like that topic idea.

        Thank you again for your suggestions.


          Thank you for your reply. Absolutely understand – loving the truck build, btw. Have a great road trip!

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