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VSS Speed Sensor reads while on park

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    Chan Rio
    Chan Rio

    I have this 2004 Corolla And it intermittently have values on VSS when in parked. And when it does, transmission goes crazy. First tought it was a tranny issue and we had it rebuild, same issue and we had replaced it. Same issue

    We also did replace VSS, first with from a junk yard, then we finnaly bought a new one from toyota. Same issue.

    Checked harness and its good and also replaced Diode assembly of alternator, brand new batteries, o2 sensor, coil, plugs, all intake gaskets but issue persist.

    On live data, i have checkedall other sensors and only VSS is correlating to when transmission shift. Its odd because it is happening even vehicle is not moving either on park or on traffic. Anyone already experienced this?

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