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vw 2002 jetta could it be the transmission fluid?

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    kevin funk
    kevin funk

    Hi, so with my 2002 vw jetta, there is a delayed engagement with the automatic tranny after putting it into drive. It takes about 2-3 seconds for the clutch to fully engage. The car will move a little sometimes and then engage suddenly. This problem is intermittent and doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, especially after warm, it will not have this problem at all. I took it to a transmission guy who wanted my car over night. Fearing a costly commitment to my piece of trash vehicle, I asked him if it could be anything thats $300 or less like fluid issues. He said no, because if it’s low fluid, the problem shouldn’t be intermittent, it should be steady. Is this true? everything ive read so far suggests fluid could be at stake. Thanks!

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    Dave Tidman
    Dave Tidman

    Not knowing the service history of the vehicle (or the mileage), it does not sound to me like the fluid. However, if you can DIY it, you probably have little to lose by trying a fluid change. Have you scanned the TCM for any codes?

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