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    Wyatt TalleyWyatt Talley

      Welcome to the forum and please enjoy your stay! Stay Dirty!


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        Hope to learn about routine motorcycle maintenance and individual riding techniques. I have yet to perform any maintenance on my 09′ kawasaki ninja. Might start off with something simple like a oil change pretty soon. Might also do some homework on clutch repair which I know will have to be done at some point down the road.

        Safety gear is also important. Although not required in the state of Indiana (except learner’s permit), I always ride with helmet and gloves. I wear jeans if it’s cool outside, but for the most part I accept that I will probably end up with some road rash, but at least my brain will be intact.

        Here are some bad ass helmets:

        My Bike:

        My First & Second Helmet Cam:

        Never had to lay a bike down, but came close twice; both times involved old people pulling out in front of me. Since then I have installed a headlight and taillight modulator.

        Eliud MunozEliud Munoz

          Nice good to see that it was actually made just got the e-mail about it and checked it out. I will probably start to post on it in a week or so that is when I will start to work on my motorcycle. :woohoo: Thanks this will help me out a lot since I have only just started to ride and am looking forward to make it something that I ride a lot. Thanks a million.

          Michele PensottiMichele Pensotti

            Hey! You made it! My most sincere compliments! πŸ™‚

            Here’s my bike

            Well, it’s kinda like mine, but I changed the rearview mirrors and added a windshield and a rear “trunk”

            It’s a 2005 Suzuki GS500E, only 14K KMs on it, I haven’t used it too much because of little time and a nasty problem with my right hand numbing after a while.
            But it’s a beast, at least for my standards! πŸ™‚

            Maybe it’s only 37KW, but it also makes 68 MPG (29KM/l) and it’s comfortable enough.

            As for my riding experience, I’ve learned from a friend that the “right” way to turn is to use your weight on the saddle and to make that weight rule the physics of the turn itself.

            Really, it’s not the handlebar that governs the turn, but the way you put your weight (should I say your bottoms? πŸ˜† ) on the saddle that “turns” the bike.
            Also, you must not be afraid of the centrifugal force, you must “throw yourself” into the turns, it’s kinda like skiing!

            Also, I’ve had some fall-downs, in one (with another bike, roughly 20 years ago) , I also broke two ribs and my teeth, and that did teach me how fragile we are.
            But that didn’t discourage me! πŸ˜‰

            Only made me more cautious. B)

            Also, I fell down again…yeah, while parking the bike into my garage! :woohoo:

            I broke too much on the cement and its forward wheel lost grip and I fell down…I was almost still, and I fell down like a bunch of potatoes! :woohoo: :side: :silly:

            Anyway, hope this sub-forum takes off!

            My best wishes!

            Live long and prosper (and stay dirty!)


            Stian WexalStian Wexal

              Nice bike 10Nico!

              Suzuki is a workhorse like the Honda, they rarely brake down on you.

              That you say about fall-down is something all will experience sometime even if it’s on the road or in a garage πŸ™‚

              Drive safely…. And of course Stay Dirty!


                Let’s start some topics of discussion:

                Riding with passengers, good or bad? I can tell you that on my little 250 it’s not fun. It seems like it reduces my low end performance in half.

                Here is one youtube on how to ride with passengers:

                Q: Have you ever been involved in an “incident” while you were carrying a passenger?

                Next topic: chain maintenance

                This actually might be a good video for Eric to do, even if motorcycle maintenance may not be his forte’; it would be good at least to get the information out there.

                I watched a lot of video on this topic and I like this method the best:

                Q: Ever break a chain?
                Q: Do you use a different method than the one shown in the video?


                  I’m enthused to see other motorcycle people here on the ETCG site. General mechanics have a different perspective and a broader knowledge base than most motorcycle mechanics, and it’s fun to chat with guys who know both.

                  Regarding the chain lube question, I’ve been in the habit of using chain wax rather than oil. Chain wax seems to work great with less mess, though I drive streets only.

                  I drive a 1995 Kawasaki Vulcan VN800. Great bike.


                    Woohoo! :cheer: Motorcycles on Eric The Car Guy!

                    I have often thought it ironic that I have a bike and no car, yet always seem to end up back here on ETCG1. πŸ˜›

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