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      Sorry to bring up a sore subject, but I was always curious about what that galaxie you sold was about. What motor, mods, etc. It sounded awesome when you trounced it in that video of the last ride. I had a 1970 Chrsyler 300 with a 440 in it, 2 door, dual straight pipes. Motor was stock and the car weighed 2.5 tons, but I loved it. Sounded much meaner than it was. The good ol’ days. Anyway, was just wondering. o/

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        Long story with that particular car on how I ended up with it but I got it because I had a 429 out of a 69 T-bird that had 11:1 compression stock sitting on the garage floor for some time, I bought it off of a coworker for $300. 2 years after that the car showed up with a blown 400 in it, behind that was a C6 and a 9″ so for me it seemed like the perfect solution. I ended up putting an Edelbrock performer package on it, cam, lifters, intake, carb and dropping it in. It took a little more work than expected as I had to weld in my own engine mounts and modify the heater assembly, made my own heater core and everything. Once I got it all running it ran great and I put new brakes on it front and back including new hoses. I had plans to rebuild the suspension and put a differrent gear in it but about that time the family came along and it collected dust for a few years till I lost my job and sold it. Don’t know if you’ve seen this video but it was one of the last runs with it.

        I hope to get another ‘toy’ someday but it’s been some time since I’ve had an interest in that kind of self abuse.


          Man, when I watched that video, and you put 5 bucks in the tank, and then went out and stomped the pedal, I was SURE you were about to run out of gas everytime. But still, it’s a great story, and I’m sorry you had to let it go. Yer take on it made me not feel so bad about having to sell my old Mustang awhile back. Keep on inspiring yo.

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