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What in the world is this humming noise coming from the rear of my vehicle?

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    Sean DSean D

      2017 Honda Civic FWD 58k miles when sound started

      This noise has been going on for over 6 months now. Noise is coming from the back and is super loud when driving on smooth/newer pavement. Over 40/50 mph is when it becomes most audible. It’s almost surreal at some points that’s how loud is gets. Over the last 2 months I finally started trying to figure out what it was as I couldn’t deal with it anymore. First I obviously rotated the tires. The sound remained. Then I had the bearings inspected, both of which according to the mechanics looked perfectly fine. The wheels were rocked back and forth and up and down. No play. I myself even swerved back and forth at higher speeds and didn’t seem to hear a change in the pitch of the noise which would usually happen with a bad bearing. Even though rotated, the back tires were still inspected and any broken belts or severe cupping were ruled out.

      Then another mechanic I brought it to said the left rear bearing MAY have looked a little suspect. Out of sheer desperation (and a decent price), I had him change the bearing. The sound remained after I drove it off the lot. I was in shock and out of comments. At this point I started going crazy trying anything I could to find the source of the noise. Looked at all the fabric around the wheels and under the car. Everything was secure and nothing loose.

      Finally this past week I had someone else drive the car while I went into the trunk from the rear seats and put my ear down, trying to pinpoint exactly where the noise was coming from. It is loudest from the VERY middle of the trunk, which is directly above the gas tank. I’m out of ideas at this point and have been to multiple mechanics for opinions. One guy said, though he didn’t look himself, that sometimes brake pads can be installed incorrectly and rub up against the rotor and that might be what I’m hearing. I doubt this though. Of course I guess it COULD be the other bearing, but I’m really not up for spending hundreds more to find out. Lastly, and this is most important in ruling the bad bearing out….. the fact that this noise has gone on now for over 6 months and has consistently stayed the same leads me to believe it’s not a bearing as by now things would have gotten much worse, no? TIA

      Video with sound at this link:

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