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    James BruJames Bru

      my sport car would have to be infinite g35 or bmw 635csi.

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      Mattew scheerMattew scheer

        Well I never have driven one, but my dad had a 240z. Cheap, simple and I love the looks of it.
        As I am a college kid, It is something with in my reach, and it would be fun to work on.

        trussell beamtrussell beam

          i am not big on toyotas , but my dream car is the 97’supra. its my weakspot banana:


            My favorite would have to be the first generation DSM joint venture. The 90-91 talon turbo all wheel drive is my favorite.


              I’ve always had a thing for the old bricky Triumph TR 6. To my eye, it’s one of the few convertibles that looks good with the top down.

              James P GrossoJames P Grosso

                Bought a Jensen Interceptor last year. More Grand Touring car than sports car. Should be a fun project…


                  1967 stage 4 Yenko Stinger-(’67 price-$5000.00); fully resto-modded; should drive rings around anything on the road today costing less than $100K.

                  James AbramsJames Abrams

                    Hmm if you’re talking “sports car” not “muscle car” or anything else, it’s a toughy but I’d have to say:

                    Nissan S14 200SX series 1, Australian Domestic Market or S14 Silvia Ks JDM (essentially the same though the JDM has a little more power)

                    Pretty light, well balanced, I’m not keen on convertibles so the MX-5 (Miata, Eunos Roadster) is cut. Pretty versatile as far as tuning goes.
                    Engine is perhaps not as nice as the CA18DET but there were lots made and plenty of parts for them. Simple front engined, RWD setup still decent cargo space perhaps not as fast or surefooted as a MY2000 WRX or R32 Skyline GTR (which I also like) but simpler and lighter.

                    Thomas FerryThomas Ferry

                      It kinda depends on the type of sports car. Like Grand Touring or something like an exotic

                      For a Supercar/Exotic: Honda/Acura NSX First Generation. I’ve personally always liked the look of these cars. They just had the right lines and handled extremely well. Definitely a car you could take on a road course style track and really do well with.

                      For a more pedestrian sports car I like the Nissan/Datsun 300zx. To me this car is what you could afford on a good working mans salary that wasn’t the Skyline GT-R or something else. You know this was a Z car when you saw it.

                      Last but not least would be the Dodge Viper and Ford GT. Both cars are what American Supercars should be. Powerful good looking Loud no qualms about being elegant or trying to look “Italian or Japanese”.

                      I like Corvettes too but to be honest you seen one you kinda seen them all. pretty much c1-c3 looked different for each iteration. but beyond that the c-4 through current look all the same to me except for minor styling cues that indicate the car was from the 80’s 90’s or 00’s or 10’s. So ya just meh cool but meh.

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