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What's the Best Estimation on Costs for Some Needed Repairs?

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    Andrew Rosario
    Andrew Rosario

    A few days ago, I purchased a 2006 Buick Lucerne CXL with 195k mileage and a clean title from a private seller. The previous owner showed me a full diagnostics report that had been done on it recently, listing all the current problems the car still had. While they aren’t significant, he didn’t recommend taking it on an interstate highway until a mechanic fixed them.

    Based on some of the issues listed here, what would be the best estimated cost if I take the car to a nearby mechanic to fix it?

    1) Basic brake inspection – shaking when braking
    – Front brakes have 4-5mm of pad thickness remaining
    – Front brake rotors are warped, but there is excessive amounts of play in front end of vehicle that needs to be diagnosed and addressed

    2) Rear brakes have 5-6mm of pad thickness remaining. It appears that right brake caliper has recently been replaced

    3) Steering and inspection/diagnostic – steering rack is blown out and leaking. Excessive play detected in steering rack and outer tie rod ends

    4) Front lower control arm integrated bushings are torn and are allowing excessive movement of control arms

    5) Front struts are blown out and leaking heavily

    6) Front sway bar end links are worn out

    7) Rear air shocks are worn out and allowing excessive bounce of rear end

    8) Rear sway bar end links are worn out

    9) Rear toe arms and adjusters are completely rusted out

    10) Right rear parking brake cable is riding on right rear wheel/tire causing damage to cable

    11) Wheels are mismatched colors and 3 of the wheels have salvage yard markings

    12) Front tires are worn unevenly. All 4 tires have dry rot. 235/55R17

    13) Multiple major leaks detected

    14) Driver side exterior door handle is damaged and loose. Replacement recommended

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    Billy Andrews

    How are these not significant?

    In answer to your question, more than the car is worth.
    Front brakes – $500ish
    Rack & tie rods – $1500-2000
    Control arms & struts – $1200-1500
    Shocks – $600ish
    Tires – $1000
    Alignment with toe arm & adjuster replacement – $400+
    Multiple major leaks – sky’s the limit

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