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Won't start when it is warm or hot outside

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    I have a 00 Integra a few years back i got rid of the key ignition and put in a push button ignition after a few months i started having problems with it starting. I noticed that when it is cold outside it starts no problem when it is warm or hot out it will not start, i have to start it off the solenoid it starts just fine. Or let it roll down a hill and clutch it to start if I’m on a hill. I had someone point out that i was using a size smaller gauge wire for my toggle switch / push button set up and that could be shorting me on volts that i needed. so recently i scrapped the push button and wired the ignition back up and i get the same results. when it’s warm outside it doesn’t start. Any help would be great.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    I would start with checking voltages on the wiring of the start circuit of the ignition side when it fails to start.
    Also inspect and check powers and grounds going to and from the ECM.

    ian todaro
    ian todaro

    i had a 95 civic that would do that. it was the main fuel relay under the dash. sometimes it wouldn’t start at all and sometimes it would turn over for a second then die. only ever a problem in the warm weather

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