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    Jeremy AgostinoJeremy Agostino

      Hi Eric!

      I’ve got a late-model Subaru Impreza that I love, except for the feel with the automatic transmission. I almost regret not going for the standard, but I couldn’t find a single dealer that had a standard non-STI on the lot and I would never buy a standard without test driving it first. Anyway, the automatic has a CVT and the throttle/transmission setup is extremely computerized. It does a strange thing while driving where there’s a decent lag between for example flooring the pedal and the throttle actually opening. I’ve done some research and it’s possible to dump and flash the firmware for the ECU and TCU. That would possibly let me “play with” the tables that relate throttle position, transmission gearing and pedal angle. I’m comfortable with electronics so I’m not really afraid of trying to tweak this stuff, but I was wondering if you could think of anything else I could do to make the car respond to the accelerator as if it was more mechanical. My last car was a late 90s Civic with a stick and I really miss “feeling” the car respond, even though the displacement wasn’t as big.

      I know digital isn’t really your thing but I’m interested in any thoughts you’ve got :). Thanks!

    Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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