GMT400 Rear Disc Brake Conversion Part 1

This is (Episode 7) of the #ETCGDadsTruck Series.

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GMT400 Rear Disc Brake Conversion (Part 2) #ETCGDadsTruck:

GMT400 Rear Disc Brake Conversion (Full/Extended Version):

This is (Part 1) of a video series where I show you how to install a rear disc brake conversion kit from SSBC on a GMT400 pick up truck. GMT400’s ran from 1988-1998. The truck in this video is a 1990 C1500 Sport.

In this video I cover the installation of the rear calipers and brake hoses. Additional information on how to disassemble the rear end brakes on this truck can be found in these videos.

#ETCGDadsTruck Axle/Differential Rebuild (Part 1):

#ETCGDadsTruck Axle/Differential Rebuild (Part 2):

Camera: Brian Kast, Eric Cook

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SSBC Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit:

Russell Steel Braided Brake Lines:

RT Side Parking Brake Cable:

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Video Title: GMT400 Rear Disc Brake Conversion (Part 1) #ETCGDadsTruck -ETCG Video Description: Here is (Part 1) of the rear disc brake conversion on #ETCGDadsTruck. If you don’t want to wait a week to see part 2, the full version is available to Premium Members of #ETCGVideo #ChevyTrucks #LoweredTrucks #RearDiscBrakeConversion Thumbnail:

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