I single Hondas out here because I answer questions about this all the time. One of the main things to remember when checking Honda automatic transmission fluid is to make sure the engine is off when you do your check. If not, you won’t get a proper reading, and you could damage the transmission or the dip stick. It sounds strange, but I have seen it, more than once in fact. So make sure the engine is off and the vehicle is level when checking Honda automatic transmission fluid.

The other thing to remember about Honda automatics is that you need to use Honda automatic transmission fluid in a Honda transmission. If you use other automatic transmission fluids, the transmission might not shift the same and could have problems as a result.

Another thing to note about Honda automatic transmissions is that they don’t have replaceable filters. They do have filters, but they are internal and the only way to change them is to open the transmission case. Honda transmission filters are considered lifetime filters and do not have a service interval as a result. All you do with a Honda transmission is drain out the old fluid, clean the drain plug magnet and install about three quarts of new Honda fluid. Do this about every 30K and you shouldn’t have a problem with your transmission. Stray from this procedure and you might end up with issues.

One final note on Honda/Acura transmissions concerns the V6 transmissions from ’99 to ’03.  I’ll be honest; these transmissions had a very high failure rate. It doesn’t matter how you maintain them, it seems they are doomed to fail. If you’re considering one of these vehicles, have it checked out to see if the transmission had been replaced in the past, and even then be skeptical. I was putting in two and sometimes three of these transmissions a day for a while. That should tell you something about their reliability. When Hondas have a transmission problem, they often flash the D4 light on the dash. You can sometimes pull the codes with primitive methods; here’s a video on the procedure. This website contains a listing of the code meanings.

Here’s a video you might find helpful if you plan on changing the transmission fluid in your Honda.

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