Honda OBD 0 Distributor

One thing to note about Honda ignition systems: They HATE aftermarket parts. One of the first things I see rookies do when they get a Honda with a no-spark condition is to replace the entire distributor. This is wrong in so many ways. As you can see from the Honda No Spark video, it’s easy to find out if you have an ignition coil or igniter problem with just a test light.

Also, aftermarket distributors for Hondas are junk. Yep, I said that. Can’t tell you how many people have come to me with check engine lights and no-starts because they have an aftermarket distributor on their vehicle.

I’d go with a used Honda distributor over a new aftermarket any day. So don’t shotgun a distributor if you’ve got a Honda with no spark. Also, don’t replace the wires if they’re OE (Original Equipment). The OE Honda wires last pretty much forever; the aftermarket wires are mostly junk compared to what Honda uses. However, I have had quite a bit of luck with NGK wires, and if I needed to save some cash and get a new set of wires for my Honda, go with NGK wires.

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