Fuel Filter

Fuel filters are maintenance items. If you have a performance problem and you suspect a problem with fuel pressure, go ahead and replace the fuel filter, especially if the filter hasn’t been replaced in a while.

Newer vehicles don’t use replaceable fuel filters. They often just use a screen in the tank and that’s about it. So if you have a fuel pressure problem on one of these vehicles, look to the pump or some other part of the fuel system for the cause. I know not having a replaceable fuel filter sucks, but I believe they started doing this to keep maintenance cost and manufacturing costs down. That does nothing to help you if you put in dirty fuel, though. If I suspect dirty fuel on one of these systems, I disconnect the supply line and run it into a container and cycle the key. This will run the pump for a few seconds and give me a sample of fuel. If it looks cloudy or dirty, remove the fuel pump from the tank and inspect the fuel inside of it. If you see a lot of sediment, drain and flush the fuel tank, fill it up with fresh fuel, and recheck for your performance problem.

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